Kingdom Dreamer Scholarship Foundation

The Kingdom Dreamer Scholarship Fund was established in May of 2007 in order to encourage a new generation of workers for God’s kingdom by supporting students through scholarship funds and abundant prayer. We hold fast to our dream and our vision of the Kingdom Dreamers changing the world with God’s love. As such, it is our ultimate goal to sponsor 150 students yearly, to accumulate $2.5 million in scholarship funds, to set up non-profit organizations, and to sponsor Kingdom Dreamers in 30 mission fields across 20 countries.

In our 2007 inaugural year, we were able to provide 42 students with $180,000 in scholarship funds. In the eleven years since then, our ministry has grown exponentially, and we have been able to provide a total of 1,236 students with $2.43 million dollars. Additionally, our ministry also includes other moving components such as regular prayer meetings for past recipients, mentoring activities to guide young minds, and continual fund-raising efforts such as our annual Sa-Rang Golf Tournament.

The next generation is our inheritance and our future. We ask that you join us through prayer as we continue to raise up and support our Kingdom Dreamers so they may continue to do God’s work.

KDSF at a Glance

Amount of 2021


Recipients 2021

101 Students

Amount Since 2007


Recipients Since 2007

1,337 Students


From the Board Chair

For the past 15, the fruits of the Kingdom Dreamer Scholarship Foundation have been an inspiration to us all. More so, I personally have been touched and encouraged by your willing obedience to God as shown by your sacrificial love.

Just as Jesus fully immersed Himself in discipleship ministry, it is my hope and prayer that we do likewise. I urge you to continue to serve in nurturing our next generation of servant leaders.

Join in God’s amazing blueprint and help to establish His kingdom as great channels of blessings.


Rev. Chang Soo Ro, Sr. Pastor


The purpose of the Kingdom Dreamer Scholarship Fund is to help students from financially difficult families from Sa-Rang Community Church and the surrounding neighborhoods, to cultivate talent in young minds, and to support the next generation as they work towards the expansion of the Kingdom of God.

This is for the Sa-Rang community - a community built on Jesus Christ, glorifying God, creating disciples, and fulfilling our mission of being the light and the salt of the world.

Thank you so much for this opportunity!
It is truly a blessing to receive this scholarship as it was when I was accepted to my graduate program at Columbia University.
This really means a lot for me as a student pursuing my masters in Occupational Therapy. I am very grateful and will use the scholarship to continue my education to fulfill the vision that God has given me to expand His Kingdom! I also hope that I will be able to pass on this scholarship to students in need in the future as well.
-Christine Kim

I would just like to thank you, the staff, for all the hard work that has been put in for this scholarship. I am sure that it was a long and difficult process to handpick students from thousands of applications. Thank you for putting in your time and effort to simply serve the church and the community. I just pray that you will have a blessed future with Christ. That the Holy Spirit would constantly remind you of his presence in your walk.
- Aron Kim

This letter could not fully encapsulate my gratitude toward this committee and 남가주사랑의 교회 for their generosity and heart towards young dreamers. Students today face
many challenges as we venture on our God-given paths; we wrestle with financial, mental, and also spiritual concerns every day, especially in the midst of COVID-19. When I first heard of this scholarship opportunity I prayed for the Lord’s provision, and sure enough, the Lord used this foundation to pave the way for His child to faithfully pursue the path that will bring Him the most glory.
-Christine Han