Who can Apply?

  • All students attending college in the United States, including theological seminaries and community colleges, may apply. Graduate students pursuing a Master’s Degree are also encouraged to apply, but students pursuing All doctorate degree including PhD, Medical Doctor, and Juris Doctor are not eligible to receive the scholarship.
  • Scholarship applicants will be divided into the following five categories when you apply:
    - Category A : Members of Sa-Rang Community Church or Their Children
    - Category B : Members of Other Churches or Communities
    - Category C : Children of Missionaries in Foreign Countries
    - Category D : Children of Pastors of Non-Self Sufficient Churches in the United States
    - Category E : Local Seminary Students Recommended by a Missionary or mission org. in overseas
    * Foreign school enrollments are permitted for Category E only.

How can Apply?

  • Click on the [Apply Now] button below to submit your application and supporting documents online. No paper applications will be accepted. at any case

Required Documents

  • For Applications
    • All Categories

          -  Transcript from previous level of education (Freshman in 2022 fall semester : High school transcript)

          - Certified Proof of household income

    • Category C (Parent's)

         - Proof of missionary expedition

         - Letter of introduction from missionary

    • Category D (Parent's)

         - Proof of church affiliation

         - Graduate Degree in Theology

         - Latest printing of church news

         - Church budget report

    • Category E

         - Copy of yearly tuition bill

         - Letter of recommendation from missionary

    • Recommendation letters are not required for any other group, except Category E.

    For Disbursements
    • All Categories

          - Letter of acceptance (for Freshman of 2022 fall semester)

          - Proof of registration for the next semester (Current freshman and over grades)

    Please read FAQ before you start to apply.

* 2020 Kingdom Dreamer Scholarship