Q & A

Q. When do I apply for a Kingdom Dreamer scholarship? 

A.  The Kingdom Dreamer Scholarships are awarded once a year. The detailed schedule will be determined by the board of directors of the Kingdom Dreamer Scholarship Foundation (KDSF hereafter) and announced on the KDSF website one month prior to the application period. In general, the applications will be accepted in October, and scholarships will be awarded in December for students enrolling in the following spring semester.

Q. Who qualifies for a scholarship?  

A.  You are eligible to apply for a scholarship if you: 1) currently are enrolled in college or graduate school, 2) are a high school senior who will be enrolled in the semester immediately following the application period. If you are a high school student who will attend a college next fall semester, you will NOT be eligible to apply for a scholarship in October this year.

Q. Can I apply for a scholarship if I am a student at a foreign college located outside the United States?  

A. KDSF generally awards scholarships to students who are enrolled or accepted to U.S. colleges. however, limited scholarships are available for local seminary students in the mission fields recommended by overseas missionaries.

Q. Are high school students under grade 12, Ph.D. candidates, students attending medical school, dental school, law school, and pharmacy school eligible to apply for a scholarship?  

A. Students mentioned above are not eligible for a scholarship according to KDSF policy.

Q.Do I have to be a Christian or attend Sarang Community Church to be eligible for a scholarship?  

A. No, you can apply for a scholarship regardless of your religion and the church you’re attending.

Q.Can I apply again if I have received KDSF scholarship before?    

A. Yes, you can apply for a scholarship again if you are enrolled in college or graduate school.

Q.How can I apply for KDSF scholarship?    

A. The scholarship applications are accepted by online process only. You can visit www.kdsfsarang.com to apply for a scholarship. Please click the “apply” button, which is created during the application period only.  No paper application and document will be accepted in any case.

Q.How can I confirm that my application is completed?    

A. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from KDSF when you have registered successfully.

Q.Do I need a letter of recommendation from professors or other recommenders to apply for scholarship?    

A. No, you do not need to submit a letter of recommendation to apply for a scholarship. Instead of a letter of recommendation, you will submit information regarding financial references to check your financial situation.

Q.Who can be financial references?     

A. Anyone except your immediate family can be a financial reference. Possible financial references may include relatives, friends, neighbors, professors, pastors, or church members.

Q.How can I prove my household income if my parents and I have never filed taxes in the U.S.?  

A. You can submit any documents that prove annual income, such as bank statements, pay stubs, checks, or income verification letters from churches, missionary organizations, or companies your parents or you affiliate with. If you don’t have these documents, you can state your annual income in the income section of the online application. In this case, we recommend that you describe your financial situation in your essay.

Q.Can siblings each apply for a scholarship in the same year?  

A. Siblings may each apply for scholarships in the same year, but if multiple applicants are selected, a reduced amount of scholarship fund will be awarded to each applicant.

Q.Is there a difference in scholarship amounts between university students and community college students?  

A. Due to the difference in tuition, half of the full amount of scholarship fund will be awarded to students attending community college. However, if you transfer to a university the following semester and submit an acceptance letter from a university you will receive a full amount of scholarship fund.

Q.How do I resolve login errors on an online application after creating a username and password?  

A. Most of the login errors occur when you use the school’s intranet because the school security system may block access to the KDSF website. If this happens, try reconnecting over a mobile network or an internet network outside of school. If you’re still having trouble accessing it, please contact kdsf.sarang@gmail.com

Q.What do I do if an attachment is not uploading?  

A. An attachment will NOT be uploaded if 1) the file size is more than 5MB, 2) the file format is not in PDF or MS Word, 3) the file name is not in English. You can upload only one file for one section. You must combine documents into one file if you want to upload more than one document for one section.

Q.How can I receive scholarship funds?  

A. We generally mail out a scholarship check to the address in your application. Wire transfers are NOT preferred because both KDSF and scholarship awardee would be subject to bank fees. If you plan to be away from your residence for a break, you must notify KDSF of an alternative mailing address before we mail out a scholarship check.