To all the donors, sponsors, and leaders of KDSF:
First and foremost, I want to thank God for proving time and time again His faithfulness and commitment to me as His daughter. I also thank the Lord for you and the spiritual family that He has so graciously blessed me with; I truly believe that I’m undeserving of this depth of love and kindness that I receive every day, and yet God reminds me that He declares me worthy.

I want to thank you for loving on and showing your commitment to the next generation through your generosity. I can only pray that, in time, the Lord will also grant me the privilege to be part of this community and, like you, love on and build others up in this way. I pray that even in the midst of all that is going on in the world right now, that you will continue to experience Christ’s joy and peace. I pray that the Lord continues to expand your hearts to make an impact in this world, one individual at a time.

Your generosity and prayers truly mean the world to me. I thank the Lord for you and will work hard to make sure that I steward the Lord’s provision faithfully as He commands us through the parable in Matthew 25. May we all enter into the joy of our Master when the day draws near.
In Christ,
Sally Kim