Dear KDSF,

Hi, I first want to say that I really appreciate you for choosing me for this scholarship opportunity during this difficult time and offering a help for my financial difficulty. After I got accepted to Loma Linda University School of Dentistry last year, I was very thankful to God, and I prepared for the coming term at Loma Linda University with joy. However, I suddenly faced a financial difficulty that I was almost unable to enter the school. Because I am an international student, getting a loan was also almost impossible. I was not sure whether I would be able to attend for this fall semester or for next year. I was really praying hard, and a lot of people also prayed for me.

From a sudden situation with Covid 19, it was really difficult to receive any kinds of help since everyone was having their own difficulties during this pandemic. I was thinking if I should go back to Korea and give up everything I have studied. However, I could witness God’s presence through this opportunity. I sincerely prayed to God, and I had experienced His help and plans for me through many of His people. Then, I could thankfully attend the school this year with a lot of helps. This scholarship is another reminder for me about God’s warmest heart for His children. Thank you so much for this great opportunity for me. I will be able to study harder through this scholarship, and I could resolve myself that I will really help other students who would be in the similar situation like me in the future.

I have always dreamt of being a dentist who could also work as a missionary, and this situation taught me again a path that God wants from me. I have also could experience that God really listens for our prayers when we seek Him and believe in Him.

I really appreciate again for your consideration, warm heart, and great help. I will be constantly praying for you and for our church. Additionally, my email address is if you have any further questions.